About Us

Attune Healthcare specializes in guiding healthcare organizations to optimal clinical and financial performance.

Our core team works side by side with you to create tools for accelerated evolution, including strategic business plans, alternative payment and care delivery models, and facility master plans.

Employing a uniquely hands-on approach, we’ve helped many clients reach their full potential, including physicians and IPAs, clinically integrated networks and ACOs, hospitals and health systems, health plans, and governmental entities.

In collaboration with our proven partners in Lean and business process reengineering, IT Project Management, healthcare policy, pharmacy cost containment, and physician recruitment, we support clients in any and all phases of their transition to a higher level of performance. This unified approach encompasses planning, operational processes and data flows, facilities design, culture change, and ultimately, a fully realized implementation. The result is a complete, tailored solution for each client—propelling them to the next level of performance, and establishing an enduring foundation as healthcare moves forward.

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Core Services


Attune’s core team offers expertise in the disciplines critical to operational, physical, and cultural change. Our services include:

  • Strategic Business Planning and Implementation
  • Alternative Payment Models Development and Implementation
  • Lean Transformation Planning and Implementation for Clinics and Hospitals
  • Pre-Design Planning and Facility Master Plan Development
  • Transformation Planning, Development and Implementation Support, including:
    • Population Health Management, with Enterprise-Wide Data Management
    • Management of Care Quality and Experience
    • Clinical Integration Across Care Settings
    • Patient Centered Primary Care Home
    • Care Coordination Strategies, with demonstrated savings approaches for your Post-Acute Care & Transitions of Care Strategy

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Our Team


Attune Healthcare was started in response to health system transformation initiatives and the opportunities created by the Patient Safety and Affordable Care Act. Seemingly overnight, healthcare providers needed to embrace new operating and financial models requiring accountability for quality and cost.

Attune’s founding partner, Barbara Wall, saw the Affordable Care Act as a call to arms for transforming the health system in a very short timeframe. It created a need for new and innovative approaches to meet the emerging demands of patients, providers, and purchasers.

Filling a market void

With a sense of urgency, Barbara interviewed other healthcare professionals, accumulated insights, and concluded that success must integrate quality management, Lean principles, technology, clinical acumen, and strategic foresight—with a strong foundation in financial management and population health. Looking across the playing field of national healthcare consulting firms, a void existed where these combined skills were required.

Attune’s core team

In response, Attune Healthcare was formed by two healthcare industry professionals, each with more than twenty-five years of healthcare experience.


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Barbara Wall, ADN, BSHA, JD

Barbara Wall is a Senior Partner in Attune Healthcare. She is a recognized expert in the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care, and is skilled in helping teams to effectively coordinate care, reduce total costs, optimize clinical quality, and improve practice efficiency.

Barbara specializes in the design and implementation of care models that have produced savings and improved quality in a variety of settings. With a down-to-earth style, she guides clinical and management teams through complex process redesign—recognizing that each team member has critical insights needed for a sound balance between evidenced-based standardization, concern for patients as individuals, and efficiency.

Serving as faculty, she provides education and practice coaching in State-sponsored PCMH Learning Collaboratives in Oregon and Washington. She developed and contributed an extensive PCMH toolkit to the Oregon Patient Centered Primary Care Institute, with tools to manage high-cost conditions using best practices in complex patient care. She currently serves as the Alternative Payment Model subject matter expert in Washington State’s Practice Transformation, Coaching, Facilitation and Training Program for behavioral health and primary care practices.

Barbara also develops hospital-based care models that produce cost savings and improve outcomes. They include a model in which hospitalist-case manager teams round together, treating and educating patients and coordinating with families. The team collaborates with specialists, PCPs and hospital discharge planners to improve transitions of care, reduce readmissions, and shorten length of stay. Another hospital-based model of care that Barbara developed improves the ROI of Care Transitions programs through identification and focus on patients at highest risk of readmission. Her expertise was crucial to the development of a Transitions of Care model that reduces readmissions and emergency room visits for Oregon’s AllCare Health Plan.

Barbara also develops effective models of behavioral health integration. She guided clinicians and managers through the creation of an Integrated Primary Care Program for patients with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness at Options of Southern Oregon. The program integrates primary care with the Community Mental Health Organization’s counseling services and pharmacy. It combines primary care, psychiatry, pharmacological adjustment and treatment, counseling, and social support services in a single location to meet the needs of patients and family members of this vulnerable population.

Barbara holds an Associate Degree in Nursing from the University of North Carolina, graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Administration, and holds a Juris Doctor from Loyola University School of Law in Chicago. She lives in Seattle with her husband, a Family Physician, and their Portuguese Water Dogs.

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Michelle Vest, MPA

Michelle Vest is also a founding partner of Attune Healthcare. Her affiliation with Attune embodies 35 years of healthcare advisory services, including ownership of West Coast Consulting Group.

Previously, Michelle was a Principal with Arthur Andersen; a senior research analyst with the Washington State Health Services Commission; a health policy analyst with Group Health Cooperative; and a facility master plan specialist with NBBJ Architects. Her body of consulting work reflects the depth of her knowledge and understanding of our healthcare system. She works with health plans, urban and rural hospitals, integrated health systems, multi-specialty group practices, government agencies, and community-based services. With a strong emphasis on analytics, she advises healthcare leadership teams and their boards on strategic and competitive positioning, capital investment planning, and business expansion opportunities. Through coaching, process facilitation, and hands-on collaboration and oversight, she assists with implementation to bring transformative opportunities to reality.

Since 2003, Michelle has been an integral strategic advisor to AllCare Health in Oregon, which includes a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) among its family of companies. With her assistance, AllCare CCO has emerged as a nationally recognized leader in the development and implementation of value-based payment models for primary care, specialists, hospitals, behavioral health, and dental health that produce substantial savings. She has coached and mentored the AllCare leadership team and staff throughout their transformational journey to success. With its financial success from delivery system transformation, AllCare has become an Oregon leader in community investment aimed at ameliorating the social determinants of health, such as homelessness and food insecurity.

Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Society and Justice and a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington, and is a frequent speaker on health system transformation. She recently presented at the Washington State American Institute of Architecture “Forum on Health” regarding the impact of health system change on facility design and the emerging need for repurposing existing hospital space.

Michelle lives on Puget Sound and is an avid collector of premium Northwest wines.

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Our Partners


Partnering is critical to fully address the evolving needs of our clients. For this reason we have established relationships with partner companies who bring the specialty expertise needed to deliver healthcare’s next.

Our partners offer you ready access to the high-quality, multi-disciplinary project teams needed for broad transition initiatives. They bring a unique and independent voice, along with the benefit of project efficiencies inherent in close working relationships.

Each client engagement team is customized to meet your requirements, and may include any combination of Attune principals and partners. As highly as we regard our partners, it’s important to note that we never insist on our clients’ consideration, or use, of these partner companies.


Collaborating Companies

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Attune Strategic Partners

Click on the names below to learn about our partner companies.


Andersen Bjornstad Kane Jacobs Inc. (ABKJ) is a multidisciplinary firm providing architecture and engineering services for multiple building types including hospitals, medical centers, medical research facilities, and ancillary services. ABKJ collaborates with Attune Healthcare Partners on master plan and site development projects, taking into consideration lean principles and emerging health care trends that impact future siting and sizing of complex medically related facilities.

Most recently, ABKJ teamed with Harold Nesland and Michelle Vest, Senior Partners with Attune, to plan and develop a facility master plan for a public health district hospital in eastern Washington. The project assessed, explored, evaluated, and compared hospital and specialty center replacement options on the client’s existing site and a greenfield site. Decisions were informed by ABKJ’s expert professionals that assessed existing mechanical, electrical, and structural systems for levels of obsolescence and remaining useful life. The ABKJ team also evaluated the feasibility of existing buildings to meet Critical Success Factors for the client, accommodate new care delivery models in ambulatory and inpatient care, as well as succeed within the context of emerging trends in value-based payment structures that impact future capital investments.

ABKJ Contact Information:
Sanjay Soli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
1402 Third Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98101
206 340-2255


Axene Health Partners


About AHP

Axene Health Partners, LLC (AHP) was established in 2003 to provide high value/high quality health consulting services to select organizations operating in the health space. All AHP consultants have extensive experience at industry recognized consulting organizations prior to joining AHP. AHP is an independent organization wholly owned by its management.

AHP’s unique viewpoint combines actuarial excellence with clinical insights to help health systems and health plans better understand and manage risk at both the strategic and tactical levels. Our seasoned actuaries work on projects ranging from value-based reimbursement strategies and risk contract analysis to ACA rate filings and expert witness testimony. AHP actuaries are recognized experts in our profession and speak regularly at industry conferences and events.

Headquartered in Murrieta, CA, AHP has established offices throughout the United States. AHP’s co-founder, David V. Axene, FSA, FCA, MAAA, CERA is the current president of the firm, adding Elaine Corrough, FSA, FCA, MAAA as a partner beginning January 2016. Ms. Corrough manages AHP’s Portland, OR office.

AHP’s consulting mission is two-fold:

  • Have a positive impact on today’s health care system assuring affordable, high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care for all.
  • Provide a positive impact to our clients as they interact with the health care system

AHP will accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing a workplace environment that encourages creativity and innovation, while providing appropriate financial rewards for individual involvement and effort.
  • Effectively communicating our ideas, knowledge and work products to our clients and other publics to benefit them and to favorably impact their lives and their business operations.
  • Utilizing value-based fee levels
  • Attracting highly skilled, hard-working staff with well-rounded knowledge about health care delivery systems, health care financial structures, clinical aspects of patient care and treatment and varied administrative organizations and processes.

AHP believe this is best accomplished using a multi-disciplinary staff including actuaries, clinicians and those with expertise in information systems, provider relations, management of complex change and marketing.

AHP’s Approach to Business

AHP is serious about its mission statement. AHP’s emphasis on having a positive impact on both the health care system and its clients drives its approach to doing business. All of AHP’s products and services are health care focused. All AHP professionals and related staff deeply care about the health care system and our clients who use, work with, or work in the health care system. AHP is committed to delivering high quality work products for a fair and reasonable price, yet reflecting the value of the advice we give. AHP is committed to attracting world class professionals and staff committed to the AHP approach.

The core of the AHP business model is establishing and building a trust relationship with our clients and contacts. We want to earn the highly valued trust of our clients and contacts and become a trusted advisor to them. This trust-based decision model requires unquestioned integrity, both internally and externally. AHP commitment to be trustworthy is demonstrated by the quality of staff it recruits and retains and by the business practices it implements. One example of this commitment is its Professional Practice Guidelines, which govern the way AHP and its consultants operate.
For more information, please contact AHP at elaine.corrough@axenehp.com or one of its professionals.

Benson Consulting

Randall Benson, the founder and principal at Benson Consulting, is an author, speaker and business consultant who has successfully used Lean principles to create the nation’s fastest hospital emergency department. He specializes in managing strategic initiatives, organizational agility, and customer experience.

Randall’s Lean efforts, such as LeanNow™, are an attempt to push the boundaries of Lean in a way that drives measurable Lean results to the bottom line in weeks instead of years. LeanNow is an accelerated Lean implementation process designed specifically for non-manufacturing organizations. LeanNow draws on critical components of Lean to deliver value by focusing on flow of work and throughput (rather that elimination of waste) to continually deliver customer value. By concentrating on work flow, Randall is able to systematically help clients eliminate bottlenecks in their existing processes, eliminate issues related to scope creep and missed deliverables, and enable clients to prioritize their requirements to optimize care delivery and value to their customers.

Randall was also a founding partner of CareSync Consulting, the predecessor firm to Attune Healthcare Partners. He decided he could expand his horizons beyond health care on his own and elected to become a Collaborating Partner with Attune. He will continue to partner with Attune on projects that call for Lean expertise. Most recently, he teamed with Harold Nesland and Michelle Vest on a facility master plan project where his Lean expertise resulted in a 30% reduction in projected bed need by 2025.

Benson Consulting Contact Information:
Randall Benson, Principal and Founder of Benson Consulting
206-527-5343 (office)
206-909-0830 (cell)


BrandingBusiness is one of the world’s leading B2B brand-strategy firms in the healthcare space. For over 20 years, we have created powerful B2B healthcare brands, built on technology-driven insights, strategic clarity, and breakthrough creative ideas.

Breadth is a core strength: By working with hospital systems and health plans, physicians and IPAs, medical device makers and clinical staffing agencies—and just as importantly, by examining their inter-relationships—we have developed a deep understanding of healthcare in America.

Yet, at a time when healthcare organizations struggle to find sustainable competitive advantage, experience is not enough. Our teams employ rigorous, evidence-based analytics—aided by our proprietary Brand Performance Platform™ research engine—to unearth essential data and insights. This knowledge not only informs brand strategy; it also drives the creation of powerful visual and verbal elements that enable brands to stand the test of time.


BrandingBusiness provides Brand Strategy, Brand Development, and Brand Engagement, including Research, Positioning, Architecture, Naming, Brand Expression, and Brand Voice. In doing so, we deliver expert counsel, outstanding creative, and assets that measurably enhance business performance.

Both Attune and BrandingBusiness work on a fundamental level in transitioning our clients’ companies. Attune builds a new structure for clients, enabling high-performance healthcare; BrandingBusiness then creates a new brand strategy and identity for these clients, a new story to tell, and a unique way to tell it.

Better Outcomes

BrandingBusiness helps each healthcare client find a differentiated and sustainable position in the market, one that reflects its past, present, and future. We then create a distinctive visual identity, a true voice, and unique messaging that enable a strong, enduring brand and newfound business success.

Our work results in more than strong brands—it also empowers healthcare executives to make better decisions, helping them to maintain a rock-solid foundation as healthcare itself evolves.


Change Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting is a healthcare consulting company specializing in online training systems and websites for healthcare organizations. Mark Stephens consults with organizations to design effective and compelling training courses for clinicians. He also provides advice and on-going support during implementation to ensure the training initiative is successful and achieves the objectives for organizational change.
For healthcare websites, Mr. Stephens helps the organizations design the user interface and develop content, based on the target audiences. He monitors and analyzes website traffic and helps build traffic through content improvements, search engine optimization, and link building.

Coplan and Company
Copland and Company

Who We Are

COPLAN AND COMPANY helps healthcare and public sector organizations to successfully implement IT projects, improving the services they provide and ultimately enhancing the lives of the people they serve.

Our Services to Healthcare Clients

Our Healthcare IT (HIT) project services include:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Requirements management
  • Procurement management
  • Implementation management
  • Project quality management
  • Integrated change management training

The Value We Bring to Healthcare Clients

COPLAN AND COMPANY uses a change-driven framework to integrate project and IT management in a single, proven methodology. This unique approach increases the likelihood of HIT project success. Our change management perspective helps our clients plan, achieve and optimize their strategic and project objectives based on the key to success: the people affected by the change. Completing HIT projects focusing on their human component transforms healthcare organizations from where they are today to where they need to be tomorrow.

Global Design Solutions

Mr. Nesland is the Managing Director of Global Design Solutions, LLC, a Management Consulting, Program Management, Planning and Facility Development Consulting Firm. Recent assignments include management consulting, planning and conceptual design assignments for health systems transitioning to Accountable Care Organizations. Typical Global Design Solutions projects include restructuring existing health care practice facilities, evaluation of facilities for acquisition, program planning for new care models and development of capital programs.

Insights Worldwide Research

For nearly 20 years, Insights Worldwide Research has provided actionable research that is accurate and insightful to our healthcare clients. Our extensive expertise in planning, guiding, and managing projects, people and discussions has given us the opportunity assist our healthcare clients in branding, communication, employee satisfaction, advertising, product and service development strategies. We are a results oriented organization with a focus on actionable outcomes. We are experts at:

  • Finding creative solutions to client needs
  • Quickly comprehending markets, processes and findings
  • Analyzing data in order to discover key insights
  • Exploring additional insights that go beyond the obvious
  • Compressing insights into actionable statements
  • Ensuring understanding and results

Our list of healthcare clients includes:

  • Joseph Health
  • Hoag
  • MemorialCare
  • PIH Health
  • UCI Medical Center
  • AllCare Health

Our clients say they prefer Insights Worldwide Research for the following reasons:

  • Thorough knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Excellent moderator and facilitator skills
  • Skilled in analyzing and interpreting statistical data using specialized market research software including SPSS
  • Accomplished presenter able to report the findings in an understandable and efficient manner
  • Adept in recommending actions that utilize the full potential of the findings

IWR Group, Inc.

Moss Adams

Moss Adams is a leader in assurance, tax, consulting, risk management, transaction and private client services. With a staff of over 2,200, the company focuses on serving public, private, and not-for-profit enterprises across the nation through specialized industry and service teams, including the healthcare sector. For more information on Moss Adams, please visit their website at www.mossadams.com.


Chris Pritchard, Partner

Dan Vincent, Partner

Norton2, Inc.

Norton2, led by Jennifer Wilson-Norton, R.Ph., advises healthcare providers, facilities and health plans on design and outcomes improvement of pharmaceutical benefits and safety, and care coordination programs. Drawing upon 15 years of experience leading programs in coordinated care and pharmacy therapeutics for The Everett Clinic, a 500+ provider multispecialty group in the Northwest, Jennifer provides insights on design and operational improvement of programs in case management, utilization management, palliative care, anticoagulation therapy, and collaboration between medical teams and hospitals on medication safety and care transitions. She has a long-term history of service to the University of Washington, and serves as faculty in the School of Pharmacy.

OakRidge Consultants, Inc.

OakRidge Consultants, Inc.

Seal Beach, California


3020 Old Ranch Parkway, Suite 300

Seal Beach, CA 90740





For more than twenty years, OakRidge Consultants, Inc. has been assisting health plans, hospitals, physician groups, physician associations and individual physician offices with their system needs.

Our areas of expertise include evaluation and strategy development for increased organizational efficiency, growth redesign and policy development specific to staffing.

We are seasoned strategists at interim solutions for your business development, risk contracting, marketing communications, and network expansion needs.

We have been at the forefront of change in the development of contracted and employed physicians, advanced practical professional recruitment and retention programs. As Fellows of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR), we have earned the credentials of the nations’ top in-house recruitment professionals, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding and experience in recruitment, on-boarding and retention of physicians and advance professionals. With shortages of clinical practitioners growing, it is imperative to have the most advanced sourcing and screening criteria, positive interview experiences, budgeting, hiring and on-boarding programs. Our clients understand and seek our assistance in developing robust retention programs which keep recruited physicians engaged and committed to the organization.

As revenues decline, patients are more acute and physicians are in short supply. Our clients can count on having our assistance in developing efficient teams, building and implementing integrated business growth and marketing strategies, assurance their risk contracts work for their success and the quality of their organization is shaped by customer focused, quality physician and advanced practice clinicians.

Paul Goldberg & Associates

Paul Goldberg & Associates specializes in guiding health care organizations to successfully execute on strategic initiatives.

Paul Goldberg, MPH PMP, works both independently and with other expert consultants (such as Attune Healthcare Partners) to develop and implement strategic initiatives, manage complex enterprise-wide programs/projects, enhance services, improve processes and support the success of internal teams.

As a leader, Paul recognizes that every project is unique. While he applies a common rigorous process to each project, his solutions are customized, results-driven and completed on-time and on-budget. He has a singular focus on getting the work done efficiently and economically by collaborating with his client’s leadership and staff resources.

For over 25 years, both as an employee and consultant, Paul has successfully managed dozens of projects that have improved how health care is planned, administered, financed and delivered at such organizations as Premera Blue Cross, MultiCare Health Systems, Group Health Cooperative, Regence Blue Shield, First Choice Health, MedImpact and Virginia Mason Medical Center.



The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid change from market access, to healthcare policies, to physician attitudes and ultimately patient empowerment. For Rhythm, this translates into a mission to rethink the way we do healthcare marketing on behalf of our clients.

The conventional marketing tactics that served us well, have been disrupted by digital communications that are fast becoming the norm of preferred communication. Both patients and physicians are increasingly turning to online resources for their information needs.

Rhythm’s experience working with healthcare clients in developing effective marketing platforms coupled with our ability to create and execute innovate marketing campaigns that cuts through the clutter of competing messages make Rhythm a true digital healthcare marketing specialist.

Our solutions focus on:
Patient Acquisition & Retention
Physician Recruitment and Education
Online Visibility
Social Integration
Digital Strategy

Our core services include:
Website Development
Search Engine Marketing
Display Advertising and Remarking
Social Marketing
Email Marketing
App Development


Tenfold Health



At Tenfold Health, we accelerate and inspire health across communities. Our firm advises C-level executives and Boards in the healthcare field on ways to transform and thrive in the new
industry landscape. Tenfold is uniquely positioned to do so as its leaders are former health care
executives who have repeatedly achieved nationally ranked results in the areas of the Triple
Aim (Better Health, Better Care, Lower Costs).

Tenfold thinking begins with three core values, which we believe are necessary to succeed in today’s environment. We live and breathe these values within our organization and instill them in each engagement. They are our signature and define our work.
Courage to think differently and take bold new courses of action.
Discipline to translate new visions into precisely executed operations.
Heart to honor the intimate and personal nature of health and healing.

We have found that it takes courage, discipline, and heart to yield tenfold results.


  • Design and implementation of progressive healthcare delivery and payer models at the regional, community, and organizational level. Uniquely branded to each client, the new models are simple, engaging, seamless and proven to achieve the Triple Aim. Key elements include:
    • Integration of care from wellness through palliative care
    • Physician/health system alignment
    • Community care coordination and navigation
    • Linking social determinants of health to care delivery
    • Payer models that drive population health improvement
    • Consistent utilization of evidence-based best practices
    • Dyad leadership
  • Creation of internal and external alignment around a compelling future vision:
    • Bringing together disparate entities across a community or region
    • Aligning recent acquisitions to new corporate direction.
    • Instituting transformative Mission, Vision and Values (MVV)
    • Building comprehensive strategic & operational planning processes to support
    • achievement of the MVV
  • Leadership of strategic and operational turnarounds for:
    • Health systems
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics and FQHCs
    • Health Plans
    • IPAs
    • Community collaboratives
  • Development of clinical service distribution strategies across multiple hospital, clinic, andcommunity sites (to include repurposing of existing components).
  • Guidance on the emerging role of technology in the healthcare space to include:
    • Objective review of health start-ups
    • Formation and activation of technology strategies that dovetail into organization
    • strategies (e.g. EMR, HIE, mHealth, telehealth, etc.)
    • Strategic guidance to promising start-ups and recently funded firms

Additionally, an external CEO, CMO, CSO, or CIO assessment and recommendation can be
performed on any aspect of an organization or community. Such engagements are only
available under the direction of an organization’s CEO or Board Chair.

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How We Work

Our collective work over the last thirty years with physician groups, health plans, hospitals, integrated delivery systems, and governments has shown us that there are four major requirements for successful transformation:





Main Street: Integrated Care

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Attune APM Process

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Attune APM Process
  1. Return Physician Leadership to its Rightful Place: Whether physicians are employed by large health systems, operate a multi-specialty group, small practice, or deliver care as a solo practitioner, their leadership is critical to the success of our healthcare system. With physician leadership comes physician collaboration—and from collaboration we can achieve greater financial accountability, reduce waste and duplication, increase use of evidence-based protocols, and improve effectiveness of prevention and wellness programs.
  1. Clinically integrate across “Main Street”: The social determinants of health (such as homelessness, food insecurity, and joblessness), directly impact individual health outcomes and the health of populations. To offset their negative effects and promote better health, new approaches are required. These might include ambulatory focused care-delivery models to make healthcare more accessible, like pharmacy-based clinics, school-based clinics, or workplace health services. These new strategies could include non-medical personnel to connect with vulnerable populations (ex. “community health workers”). The common denominator to these approaches is integration of clinical care into the places where people live, work, and play. The ultimate goal is to change the culture of health from that of “treating the ill” in very costly healthcare settings, to that of “keeping people healthy” within their community.
  1. Implement Alternative Payment Models for Clinicians: Research indicates that physicians influence 80% of all clinical treatment decisions—yet in a fee-for-service reimbursement scheme, they receive only 20% of every healthcare dollar spent and have no accountability for the impact of 60% of these decisions. To enable accountability, clinicians must first understand the financial effect of treatment decisions, as well as their impact on quality. To attain improvements in outcomes and costs, that understanding must be combined with well-designed Alternative Payment Models that reward clinicians for value, rather than volume.
  1. Establish Enterprise-wide Data Management Capabilities: To support the three preceding initiatives, providers must have the support of an enterprise-wide data management system. This includes integration of data from payers, providers, pharma, patients, and community-based partners to ensure clinical decisions are based on reliable information. And, integrated data sets must be managed by healthcare and business analysts who can accurately interpret complex trends, who possess the ability to communicate their conclusions to decision-makers, and have the capacity to provide actionable information to support clinical decisions at the point of care.

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